Monday, January 25, 2010

Update: Graham Greene

More evidence that fate played a hand in reconnecting me with my grandmother's copy of Graham Greene's The Comedians: a Chicago Tribune article describes the 1966 novel as "a book that seems, sadly, all too up-to-date in light of last week's earthquake" in Haiti. In the reporter Julia Keller's words:

"There can be an air of unreality about real-life tragedies on a mass scale, mediated as they often are by frowning TV anchorpeople in designer khakis. Fiction, paradoxically, returns a sense of reality to these implausible disasters. The Haiti of "The Comedians" is grainy, visceral, forthright and true."

A bookshelf's original edition hardcover, and the Internet's digital newspaper article: sometimes traditional and digital media can indeed find equanimity.

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