Friday, January 8, 2010

Cafetaria: Book-related brain snacks

The BookBox™Company

In 1992, thieves broke into a Canadian home and swiped all the jewelry and cash stowed in the underwear drawer. The distraught family, operators of a woodworking business, came to the only logical conclusion: they'd use their adze-wielding skills to hollow out books as secure hiding places.

The BookBox™Company is a family business based in Vancouver. They acquire used books- classic lit to law tomes to cookbooks- from charities, recycling operations and publishers and carve them out to be used as storage devices. Besides the fact that they refer to their raw material, books, as "former waste," their suggestions for what to keep in the BookBoxes are just bizarre. My favorites, besides the cigar above: beanie babies, popcorn, jewels and your cell phone.

I guess one benefit of a project like this is its provision of a handy metaphor for what modern technology is doing to traditional publishing.

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